About newFASANT


We are an innovative company, established in 2010, located in Madrid and Guadalajara that develops and commercializes newFASANT, a simulation software for electromagnetic fields for the study of antennas, radar cross section, radiation patterns, advanced telecommunications systems and other studies.

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, much of the time dedicated to the research and development of new software techniques that facilitate innovation and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our team are recognized pioneers in the application of high frequency techniques, ray-tracing, and MoM solutions using realistic representations of user geometries by means of models created by NURBS (non-uniform rational basis spline) algorithms.

Our values

It is essential for us to base our working method on ethical pillars to guide the behavior of all the members of the company. These are, mainly, respect, trust, continuous improvement and confidentiality.

In newFASANT we believe in new talents, and that is why the company takes part in various projects in order to involve them in the company daily work, facilitating their contact with the labor market and contributing to expand their formation.

In addition, the newFASANT management philosophy encourages the confidence with the employees, and their well-being, through flexible structure and using techniques such as empowering to reduce the bureaucracy and increase their motivation.

Our Mission

Provide to the customers the best tools available to facilitate their work while performing simulations and an excellent support to ensure their full satisfaction.

For this, we have seniors engineers and international certified distributors to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We are proud to care for our customers by offering update notifications, online seminars, demo videos, complete Module and Training manuals with examples and many more.

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