Volvo Cars

"NewFasant is a powerful tool for electromagnetic simulations which takes full advantage of the CAD representation of the simulated geometry and parallel computations. As a result, very complex geometries can be simulated with high accuracy in affordable time. An intuitive GUI and good documentation makes it very quick to learn and easy to use."

"I appreciate a lot the NewFasant support – I get very quick answer to my questions and through help with any problems. And, last but not least, NewFasant has a very attractive price and flexible pricing options."

Yury Tarakanov

Volvo Cars

Drexel University

"We had a great experience working with Dr. Catedra and his team on the FASANT family of electromagnetic modeling software. They were able to customize the software for our specific scripting and processing needs, which greatly increased the value of the tool related to other commercial products."

Kapil R. Dandekar, Ph.D

College of Engineering - Drexel University

Chongqing University

"We use NewFasant to solve RCS of our antenna array. We use Pogcros to make fast simulation to design our antenna array to get low backward scattering. When the design is near to finished, we use MONURBS to make very accurate simulation. The results from such accurate simulation is very closed to the measured data. So we trust NewFasant solver. It can bring us time reducing and low cost. And iSAR-PO can give us excellent colored picture of simulation results. It brings us very vivid description to our EM design."

Li Xue, Ph.D

School of Communication Engineering - Chongqing University

Hongdu Aviation Industry Group

"We use NewFasant programs for our target scattering research work. ISAR-PO, one modular of NewFasant, is very flexible and powerful for our anlaysis work. We use it to get scatter map of complex targets. It helps us to enhance our products design. Especially its remote calcuation feature, it helps us use the most powerful server cluster in our departement. We can get calculation results very easily through LAN."

Hongdu Aviation Industry Group

Jiangxi, (China)

European Space Agency (ESA)

"With NewFasant we have analysed equivalent antenna patterns of typical antenna structures installed in aircrafts and helicopters in order to better understand fuselage channel effects and multipath propagation from sea reflections at low elevation angles in satellite aeronautical communications. Likewise, the effects of rotor-blades for satellite propagation channel could be investigated. Method of Moments could be executed efficiently providing significantly better accuracy with acceptable additional processing power. The tool was able also to generate channel impulse responses from the aircraft in a given direction."

R. Prieto-Cerdeira, Propagation Engineer

European Space Agency (ESA)


"Thanks to NEWFASANT simulations, IBERIA improved coverage in Hangars at its Industrial Area in Madrid Barajas airport. The coverage calculation program was used to determine the ideal location for the antennas. The codes, based on Method of Moments and the uniform version of the Geometric Theory of Diffraction, take into account the antenna shape and the effects from direct, reflected, diffracted in the edges, double reflected, reflect-refracted, diffracted-reflected fields as well as the influence of the ground. We selected NEWFASANT because of their reliability, accuracy, strong references and excellent support. It worth to mention its short calculation time, no matter how complex the represented surfaces are, as well as its easiness of use. So far NEWFASANT has met our expectations."

R. Gonzalez-Pacheco, Innovation Mgr.


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