Antennas coupling with multiple bounces


5. Geometry and project files

The geometry file (or script) and the newFASANT project are included whenever the considered cases are distributable.

The script shown in next figure is included as “GTD-Coupling.nfs”.

#	 newFASANT script file 
#	Creates the geometry considered in "newFASANT - GTD - Coupling" example
#	that has a box with its base centred at the origin and a rectangular hole
#	and two cylinders at each side along the Y axis.
#	The geometry has the following specifications:
#		BoxCenterX: X coordinate of the base box centre
#		BoxCenterY: Y coordinate of the base box centre
#		Heigth: height of the box and cylinders, in Z dimension
#		BoxWidth: Width of the box, in Y dimension
#		BoxDepth: Depth of the box, in X dimension
#		HoleCenterY: Y coordinate where the box hole is centred
#		HoleCenterZ: lower Z coordinate of the box hole
#		HoleEdge: Size edge of the box hole, in Y and Z dimensions
#		R1: Radius of the thinnest cylinder, in XY dimensions
#		R2: Radius of the width cylinder, in XY dimensions
#		t: Auxiliary parameter to parametrize the hole Y coordinate
#		   and the cylinders radii
#	Parameters with fixed values
set BoxCenterX {0.0}
set BoxCenterY {0.0}
set Height {2.0}
set BoxWidth {0.5}
set BoxDepth {1.5}
set HoleCenterZ {1.1}
set HoleEdge  = BoxDepth/4.0
#	Parameters with variable values
set t [0.0,0.9] 5
set HoleCenterY  = t*BoxDepth
set R1  = 0.15*(1+t/5.0)
set R2  = 0.25*(1+t/8.0)#
#	Auxiliary parameters defined automatically
set $1  = BoxCenterX-BoxWidth/2.0
set $2  = BoxCenterY-BoxDepth/2.0
set $3  = -BoxDepth
set $4  = (BoxCenterY-BoxDepth/2.0)-(HoleCenterY/2.0)
set $5  = (BoxCenterY-BoxDepth/2.0)-(HoleEdge/2.0)
set $6  = (BoxCenterY-BoxDepth/2.0)+HoleCenterY-(HoleEdge/2.0)
#	Create the geometry
box -n mainBox -p $1 $2 0.0 BoxWidth BoxDepth Height
cylinder  -n leftCylinder -p 0.0 $3 0.0 R1 Height
cylinder  -n rightCylinder -p 0.0 BoxDepth 0.0 R2 Height
box -n holeBox -p $1 $6 HoleCenterZ BoxWidth HoleEdge HoleEdge
booleanDifference -s -objectA mainBox -objectB holeBox -n boxWithHole

newFASANT script

The project is also included with the name "GTD-Coupling.nfp".

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