Antennas coupling with multiple bounces


3. Results

Results obtained in this benchmark are included within this section. This example has been run in a personal computer by using 4 processors and requiring about 400 MB of RAM and 10 minutes to obtain all results (one simulation per parametric step is required).

As the Simulation – Parameters – Output-Ray Tracing option has been selected, the ray representation may be visualized by clicking on Show Results – View Ray menu. This results are included for every parametric step in next figures.


Ray tracing for geometric step 1


Ray tracing for geometric step 2


Ray tracing for geometric step 3


Ray tracing for geometric step 4


Ray tracing for geometric step 5

Finally, the Coupling results are compared in the below table.

Step Coupling (dB)
1 -86.529124
2 -86.212910
3 -72.324066
4 -85.673293
5 -85.432255

Coupling results

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