Monostatic RCS Simulation with MONCROS

1. Benchmark Description and Objectives

This benchmark shows how to set up and analyze RCS simulations using the MoM approach. More specifically, different choices for the parameter values that can be found under the solver menu are analyzed and explained, showing the differences in simulation performance that are derived from the use of such values. Images and figures of the geometry and results are provided as well.

In this example we will start by considering a realistic geometry of a car located upright on the XY plane, including material definition for the glass and tires. The monostatic RCS will be obtained for an angular sweep around the car. The simulation parameters will then be fine-tuned in order to obtain good convergence behavior while maintaining low memory requirements and CPU time.

Default parameters are kept unless otherwise indicated.

This example is generated using the MONCROS module, so create a new project by clicking on the New Project button and selecting the MONCROS option.

Table of contents

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