Monostatic RCS Simulation with MONCROS

─ 2.3. Meshing Parameters

For this example the number of processors that has been set to 4, using 8 divisions per wavelength for planar and curved surfaces.

The most interesting parameters for this kind of problems are:

Use the command area –all to get information about the total area to be meshed. For this example, it is about 28.49 square meters, so we can estimate that about 126,521 elements must be generated (squares with a size of the wavelength divided by the specified divisions) to mesh the geometry. The estimated number of unknowns to be solved is about 253,042 (approximately the double of the mesh elements). According to the estimated resources, this example requires the Gold Version to be solved.

This example has been meshed in a personal computer by using 4 processors and requiring approximately 900 MB of RAM and 3 minutes to obtain a mesh of about 137,000 elements.

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