Monostatic RCS Simulation with MONCROS

─ 2.1. Simulation Parameters

The main simulation parameters are resumed in this section, such as the information about the units, materials and observation points/directions.

Regarding the Units, the default units (meters) are appropriate for the current example, as the length of the car is about 4.2 meters. Other value for the Units parameter would be equally valid for this example, but the axis and reference plane sizes should be scaled to the selected units. In the case of changing the current Units, remember to click on the YES button to the message that requires scaling the geometry.

Click on Simulation – Parameters to open the Simulation panel. The only parameter which has been modified for this example is the initial frequency that is set to 2.5 GHz, which is the frequency that will be considered for the RCS calculation.

Click on RCS – Parameters to set up the excitation and the type of RCS to be computed. Leave the default options checked: Monostatic RCS, and the incident polarization following the Etheta component.

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