Helix Antenna

─ 1.1. Geometry creation

Some elements should be considered for the geometric modelling:



 In order to start this example, the default Units and Reference Plane values are valid.

This example is composed by a quadri-filar helix antenna on a box.  This box will move according to a parameter.

So, now we will create the geometric parameter to be used in the box movement later. Then, click on Geometry -> Parameters menu and select the Define Parameters option. Next, click on Add parameter button and the new parameter is added: it is named X and its values ranges from -0.25 to 0.25 with 11 equispaced samples, as shown in next figure. Remember clicking on Save button before closing the parameters panel.


Parameter X defined

Now, create a box which is moving along the X axis according to the defined parameter. Tip box in the command line and press Enter key or click on Geometry -> Solid menu and select the Box option. Define the box with the same arguments than shown below:


Box parameters

As the box definition contains an operation over the X parameter, a new auxiliary parameter has been added, so it is possible to use again this operation by repeating it or by using the name of this auxiliary parameter (in this example, it is named $1 but it may change in other cases). Verify that the auxiliary parameter has been correctly added within Geometry -> Parameters -> Define Parameters panel.


Geometric parameters with an auxiliary parameter


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