Helix Antenna

─ 2.4. Meshing Parameters

The most of parameters are set-up by default within this section. Most interesting ones for this kind of problems are:

Use the command area –all to get information about the total area to be meshed.

Click on Meshing -> Create Mesh option on the menu bar. To use the same mesh for all the frequency sweep, select the Frequency Mesh Mode and specify the upper frequency of the range, 0.9 GHz. Select the available number of Processors, and then launch the meshing process by clicking on Mesh button.


Meshing parameters

After the end of the meshing process, the meshes may be visualized by clicking on Meshing - Visualize Existing Mesh and select the mesh in any frequency folder within the desired step folder. Then, you can verify that the mesh show the electrical continuity between the helix filaments and the box, as shown in next figure.


Generated mesh (step 0)


Generated mesh (step 3)

So, example case is now defined. Click on Calculate -> Execute menu and launch the simulation with the available processors. Launch the simulation by clicking on Calculate button.

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