Helix Antenna

─ 2.3. Output Parameters

Both Far field and Near field results are considered in this example. 

Regarding the Far field, click on Output menu and select the Observation Directions option. Set the default parameters in the Observation Directions panel, and click on Save button before closing it.


Observation directions

On the other hand, a plane and a progressive radial sphere will be generated as observation points. Click on Output menu and select the Observation Points option to open the Observation Points panel. 

First, within the Geometry Types section select the Plane on the list and click on Add button to open the New Plane window. Set the values as shown in figure below and click on OK button to add the observation plane.


Observation plane

Next, within the Geometry Types section select the Sphere on the list and click on Add button to open the New Sphere window. Set the values as shown in figure below and click on OK button to add the observation sphere. Note that several Radius Samples has been set, so we will generate multiple spheres in the same entity and the Radial Points results will be enabled after the simulation process.


Observation sphere

Having inserted the plane and the sphere as observation points entities, they are shown together the geometry in the Geometry panel. Then, you can close the Observation Points panel.


Observation points panel


Geometry together the observation points entities

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