Helix Antenna

─ 2.1. Simulation Parameters

The main simulation parameters are resumed in this section, such as the information about the units, materials and observation points/directions.

Regarding the Units, the default units (meters) are appropriate for the current example. Every Units would be similarly valid for this example, but note that the axis sizes should be scaled to the selected units. In case of changing the current Units, remember to click on YES button to the message that asks you for scaling the geometry.

Click on Simulation –> Parameters to open the Simulation panel. Set a Frequency Sweep and the None Simulation type as shown in the figure below. Due to the selection on None at Simulation  type, currents or 3D diagram will be provided. Finally, remember clicking on Save button to confirm the changes.

Note that a large number of frequencies has been set in this example, so the simulation time may requires several minutes due to the combination with the parametric steps. You may reduce the number of Samples to speed-up the simulation time and generate the example with less resolution.

Simulation Parameters panel

No materials are required for this example, as both the antenna and the box are full metallic structures.


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