Helix Antenna

─ 2.2. Solver Parameters

The recommended values for the solver configuration are explained in this section.

This example may be solved with the default parameters. Anyway, the most important parameters within the Solver – Parameters panel are listed:

The Solver configuration represented in next figure has been used to analyze this benchmark.

Solver Parameters panel


This example will be solved with Direct Solver. This option is only available in OpenMP architecture strategy, so it must be selected. This method is useful when dealing with moderate size problems, and it will use efficient techniques designed to invert the problem matrix. The main advantage of the use of this method is the CPU-Time reduction achived.

To activate de Direct Solver option, click on Advanced Options, and set the Max. Number of unknowns for Direct Solver with a value which is higher than the number of unknowns of the problem. As it is a small case, a value of 10000 is high enough for considering the Direct Solver. Note that the Compute 3D Pattern option is enabled, as we want to generate the 3D radiation pattern in the simulation process. Click on Save button to close the Solver Advanced Options window by confirming the changes.


Solver Advanced Options

Click on Save button before going to next step, and the Solver panel may be already closed.

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