PO Cavity analysis

─ 1.1. Geometry creation

Before starting with the geometrical models, it is recommended to work with the Units that fit the most to the dimensions of the geometry, as some parameters are automatically set-up. The following functions are especially sensitive to the working Units:

In this example, the default Units (Meters )is valid.

The circular cavity considered in this example is composed of a cylinder and a circle. First, the cylinder of radius = 0.35m is built. It is available within the Geometry – Solid – Cylinder menu, Figure 1, or by using the cylinder -c command. As shown in Figure 3, the center of the cylinder is (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) and its radius is 0.35m. The cylinder has been rotated 90º and the surfaces at x = 1.9 have been deleted. Then a ring of radius 0.35m and 1.0m, minor and major respectively, has been created. It is available within the Geometry – Surface – Rings - Ring menu, Figure 2, or by using the ring command. The ring has also been rotated 90º and move to x = 1.9.

Figure 1: Solid menu.

Figure 2: Surface menu.

Figure 3: Circular cavity.

Revise the normal vectors of the geometry by clicking on the Normals icon. The normal vectors must be as shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4: Normal vectors verification.

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