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What is exactly a cookie and why do websites use them?

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your web browser on your device, either a laptop, a workstation or a phone, when you visit a website. They can be created, read, updated and deleted by the websites you visit, but they can only access cookies for the same domain they are hosted in.

Speaking in broad terms, cookies have different purposes depending on the intention of the website owner. Some websites use cookies to remember your preferences (if a weather website asks for your city to display the weather in your area, it may store it in a cookie so that the next time you visit the site it already knows the answer). Some websites use cookies for remembering your account when you log in. These are legitimate uses of cookies that aim to make your experience better.

Often cookies are used to store a random number, long enough to identify your browser uniquely among every other browser. There are two reasons this is done.

Sometimes it's the analytical engine website owners use to study which pages are more popular on their websites. By grouping page loads by unique visitors, it is possible to understand the order in which users load pages, allowing website operators to understand if the navigation they use on their websites is appropiate or if they get lost.

However, sometimes advertising companies also do this to build a history list of websites their ads get loaded into, grouped by unique visitor. Ever noticed how after window shopping at some online store, suddenly every ad you see online is related to the products you were looking for? The technical reason behind this, is that they know which websites you visited before and they can build a profile on you to offer ads related to your interests. Some people see this as an improvement over wasting screen state on ads users are not interested in.

Are cookies good or evil? It depends on the intention of website operators and those of the advertising companies websites are using. We recommend users to familiarise themselves with basic privacy knowledge in order to have a happy and safe browsing experience.

What about newFASANT?

We use cookies for a few purposes. This is the list of cookies our website software may set on your browser and the purpose of each:

Additionally, we use a few analytic services to understand how our customers use our site in order to make it better. We will list these services and link to their privacy policies where they may have more information about the cookies they use.

We don't use cookies that could help advertising companies build a list on your interests.

How can I prevent Cookies being used?

When you first visit our website, unless you change your Cookies Settings, we will continue to set all Cookies on your device. Every browser has a setting for enabling or disabling cookies. Browsers these days change so fast we'd recommend checking the user guide for your particular browser to find more information.

If you don't want to fully disable cookies but you are concerned about your privacy online, let us recommend you installing EFF's Privacy Badger. It's a web extension for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome that already blocks or disables cookies for websites that are known to add scripts that could track users online. Get it here.

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