Acronyms 6.3

1. Acronyms List

AZB: Angular Z-Buffer.

BiCGStab: Biconjugate Gradient Stabilized Method.

CBFM: Characteristic Basis Function Method.

CFIE: Combined Field Integral Equation.

EFIE: Electric Field Integral Equation.

FSS: Frequency Selective Surface.

GMRES: Generalized Minimal Residual Method.

GO: Geometrical Optics.

GTD: Geometrical Theory of Diffraction.

IR: Infrared.

ISAR: Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar.

MBF: Macro Basis Function.

MFIE: Magnetic Field Integral Equation.

MLFMA: Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm.

MoM: Method of Moments.

NURBS: Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline.

PEC: Perfect Electric Conductor.

PO: Physical Optics.

PSO: Particle Swarm Optimization.

PTD: Physical Theory of Diffraction.

RAM: Radar Absorbing Material.

RCS: Radar Cross Section.

SVP: Space Volumetric Partitioning.

UTD: Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction.


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