CHAFF 6.2.10

5.4. Custom Cloud

This option lets the user generate a chaff cloud having a custom shape. To create a custom chaff, create and select an Object using either the Geometry menu or any valid command. For getting the best results, the object should be closed (i.e., have no holes). Keeping the object selected, open Chaff > Custom Chaff menu.

Creating a cone-shaped chaff cloud

The following settings are available:

  • Number of dipoles: how many dipoles to generate in the cloud.
  • Radius: radius for every dipole in the chaff cloud.
  • Min. Length and Max. Length: minimum and maximum values for each dipole in the cloud.

Press OK to create the chaff dipole cloud. The operation will take a few seconds and after processing the geometry, a chaff cloud will be generated using the bounds and shape of the original geometry as a reference for the center and size. The chaff cloud will be added to the project.

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