CHAFF 6.2.10

10.1. Create Mesh

The Create Mesh menu will ask the user for information about the meshing process in a frame similar to the one displayed here:

Create Mesh panel

The following settings are available to the user:

  • Divisions per wavelength: These settings specify the mesh density for both planar and curve surfaces. Planar surfacse are surfaces that can be contained in a single plane. Curve surfaces cannot. Each kind of surface will use a different value for the generated mesh density. Let c be the speed of light in the vacuum (meters per second), given a number of divisions D and a frequency f, the size of the generated elements L is given by the following equation: L = lambda / D ; lambda = c / f.
  • Frequency: The frequency considered for the meshing process. This frequency is usually the same as the one specified in the simulation parameters.
  • Processors: Use this to set the number of processors used for the meshing process.

When all parameters are set, the user needs to press the “Mesh” button to start the meshing process.

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