CHAFF 6.2.10

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15.4. Example 4

In this example the bistatic RCS with a sweep on frequency from 2 GHz to 6 GHz with 17 steps (1 step at 250MHz) over MoM of three spherical chaffs is calculated.

Step 1

Start newFASANT.

Step 2

Select File and click on New.

New Project command

Step 3

Select Chaff.

Method Type selection box

Step 4

Click on Chaff→ Spherical Chaff and select the parameters that appear on the figure.

Spherical Dipole Chaff command

Spherical Dipole Chaff Parameters and visualization

Repeat Step 6 twice with the following parameters:

Spherical Dipole Chaff Parameters and Visualization (2Chaff)

Spherical Dipole Chaff Parameters and Visualization (3 Chaff)

Step 5

Click on Simulation → Parameters.

Simulation Parameters command

Step 6

Select a sweep on frequency from 2.0 GHz to 6.0 GHz with 17 samples as shown. Then click on Save.

Simulation Parameters panel

Step 7

Select Solver → Parameters

Solver Parameters command

Step 8

Set default solver parameters, clicking on Save.

Solver Parameters box

Step 9

Select RCS→ Parameters.

RCS Parameters command

Step 10

Select Bistatic RCS with default parameters.

RCS Parameters panel

Step 11

Select Output →Observation Directions.

Observation Directions command

Step 12

Introduce the far field observations and click on Save button.

Observation Directions panel

Step 13

Select Output → Show 3D Diagram

Show 3D Diagram option

If you see a message, click on “Yes” button.

Show 3D Diagram question

Step 14

Before running the case, select Meshing → Create Mesh.

Meshing Parameters command

Step 15

Select 10 divisions on planar and curved surfaces, 1 processor and default frequency value. Then click Mesh.

Meshing Parameters panel

Step 16

Select Calculate → Execute and the number of processors to run the case.

Execute Parameters command

Execute Parameters panel

Execute Information panel

Step 17

When the simulation finishes, we can show results. Click on Show Results → Far Field → View Cuts, to show the RCS graphic.

Far Field View Cuts command

Far Filed RCS Graphics

Step 18

Click on Show Results → View Text Files.

Far Field View Text File command

Select the frequency to show and click on OK.

Far Field Text File selection

Result Text File visualization

Step 19

Click on Show Results → RCS Diagram → View RCS 3D

View 3D RCS command

View 3D RCS

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