CHAFF 6.2.11

6. Simulation Parameters Menu

 This menu contains options related to the project simulation, such as the simulation frequency or the ground plane being used in the simulation.

Simulation Menu

Selecting this option will show the following panel at the right side of the screen:

Simulation parameters panel

  • Enable Sweep: If this option is enabled, the user can specify a range of frequencies and a number of samples in that range. The simulation will calculate the electrical field for each of the sampled frequencies. Otherwise, if this option is disabled, the simulation will only run at the frequency specified in the “Initial frequency” field.
  • Units: The frequency unit considered for the specified frequencies.

We can also add a ground plane by checking the “Enable ground plane” option. Enabling this option will allow the user to configure the ground plane parameters by clicking the “Parameters” button:

Ground plane parameters panel

In this panel it is possible to configure the physical properties of the ground plane. There are three possible options: Conductor, Perfect Absorbing Surface and Material defined by geometry. If the user chooses the last option, the properties of the material need to be defined.

After configuring the parameters of the simulation, save the changes by pressing “Save”.


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