Command Line 6.2.10

You are reading an old version of this user guide. The information contained here has been archived and is presented for reference reasons, but it may not be up to date.

3.50. help command

Description: This command displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for the console or the selected command.

Interactive mode usage: help [commandName | no_param]

  • comandName: displace the help that describes the command specified by commandName.
  • no_param: display the help that explain the most important tips for using the console with interactive commands.


The next information is displayed when the help -box command is used:

Description: Adds new box in geometry panel taking a square bounded by width, depth and height

Script usage: box -n name -p x y z width depth height

Screen usage: box [-h]

  -h: Print this help

  no_param: Follow these steps:

    Step 1: First corner of base [x y z]: x y z

    Step 2: Base size [width depth]: width depth

    Step 3: Height [double]: height

The next information is displayed when the help command is used:

Help Usage: Type 'help <command>' or '<command> -h' to show help about a specific command.


   - Type a command and press ENTER to execute it.

   - Press ESC to abort a command.

   - Press TAB to complete the written pattern name with the coincident commands.

   - Use the mouse to pick points or draw the geometry directly.

   - Press Ctrl+Left in a command step for coming back to the previous one.


   - Use Up/Down arrows to show the commands used recently.

   - Use Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y for Undo/Redo.

   - Go to Edit->History to modify previous operations or delete specific commands.

Ctrl+L: Clear the console panel.


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