Command Line 6.2.10

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3.97. skinned command

Description: This command creates a surface by interpolating it through several curves.

Inline mode usage:

  • skinned -h: Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
  • skinned–s <curve1><curve2>…: Interpolates a surface through the given curves.

Interactive mode usage:

  • Invocation: skinned
  • Parameters:
    • Curves used for the interpolation of the surface. The user can select them by left-clicking on them in the geometry view (hold Ctrl and click for multiple selection).


In this example we will create a surface that interpolates through several circles of different radius. To do this, we first create the circles used for the interpolation:

> circle 0 0 0 3

> circle 0 0 2 1

> circle 0 0 4 2

Circles used for the interpolation

To create the surface, we invoke the skinned command and pass to it the three circles as parameters:

> skinned

Select curves on screen (Press enter when done):  // Select the three circles

Resulting surface


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