Command Line 6.3

3.19. capacitance command

Description: Add a new capacitance to the geometry.

Inline mode usage:

  • capacitance -h: Display a help message.
  • capacitance -n name -p centerX centerY centerZ separation width height length: Create a new capacitance.

Screen usage:

The following steps will be needed in order to create a new capacitance:

  1. Select center [x y z]: Central point of the capacitance (equidistant to both plates).
  2. Separation between plates [separation]: Separation between the two plates.
  3. Size of plate [width height]: Size of both plates.
  4. Length [length]: Length of the outer segment.

Remark: All input values (besides the central point components) must be greater than zero.


capacitance example

capacitance example

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