Command Line 6.3

3.23. connect2Surfaces command

Description: Generates a new surface to join the two selected ones (if they are not in contact)

Inline mode usage:

connect2Surfaces -n name -p nameSurface1 nameSurface2: Connects the two surfaces named "nameSurface1" and "nameSurface2" by creating a new surface that joins them. The name of the joining surfaces will be "name".

Interactive mode usage:

  • Invocationconnect2Surfaces 
  • Parameters:
    • -n name: name of the new generated surface
    • -p nameSurface1 nameSurface2: name of the surfaces to connect


Suppose we have created two hemispherical surfaces, as shown in the next figure:


Two separated hemispheres


Let's also suppose we want to connect them to end up with a capsule-shaped object. To achieve this, the connect2Surfaces command can be used the following way:

command> connect2Surfaces
Select the first surface (Press enter when done or Esc to Cancel): (Select one of the hemispheres)
Select the second surface (Press enter when done or Esc to Cancel): (Select the other hemisphere)
Please Wait...

Or even, if we are dealing with named surfaces, and the hemispheres are named "hemisphere1" and "hemisphere2":

command> connect2Surfaces -p hemisphere1 hemisphere2
Please Wait...

The final result after the execution of this command is shown in the next figure:

Final result of executing connect2Surfaces

Result of the execution of the connect2Surfaces command


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