Command Line 6.3

3.48. help command

Description: This command displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for the console or the selected command.

Interactive mode usage: help [commandName | no_param]

  • comandName: displace the help that describes the command specified by commandName.
  • no_param: display the help that explain the most important tips for using the console with interactive commands.


The next information is displayed when the help -box command is used:

Description: Adds new box in geometry panel taking a square bounded by width, depth and height

Script usage: box -n name -p x y z width depth height

Screen usage: box [-h]

  -h: Print this help

  no_param: Follow these steps:

    Step 1: First corner of base [x y z]: x y z

    Step 2: Base size [width depth]: width depth

    Step 3: Height [double]: height

The next information is displayed when the help command is used:

Help Usage: Type 'help <command>' or '<command> -h' to show help about a specific command.


   - Type a command and press ENTER to execute it.

   - Press ESC to abort a command.

   - Press TAB to complete the written pattern name with the coincident commands.

   - Use the mouse to pick points or draw the geometry directly.

   - Press Ctrl+Left in a command step for coming back to the previous one.


   - Use Up/Down arrows to show the commands used recently.

   - Use Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y for Undo/Redo.

   - Go to Edit->History to modify previous operations or delete specific commands.

Ctrl+L: Clear the console panel.


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