Command Line 6.3

3.54. invertNormals command

Description: This command inverts the direction of the normal vectors of a curve, surface or solid object.

Inline mode usage:

  • invertNormals -h: Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
  • invertNormals -all: Invert the normal vector of all objects.
  • invertNormals: Invert normals by selecting objects on screen.

Interactive mode usage:

  • Invocation: invertNormals
  • Parameters:
    • The curve, surface or object whose normal surface vectors are to be inverted.


We’re going to invert the normal vectors of an existing surface. To help us visualize this, select the surface and select the View Normals option by clicking the  button. The normal vectors are now visible on the geometry view:

Visualizing normals

Now we want to invert the normals, so they point downwards. To do this, use the invertNormals command:


Select objects on screen (Press enter when done): // Select the surface and press Enter


Result of inverting the normals


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