Command Line 6.3

3.61. ogive command

Description: This command create a tangent ogive in the geometry.

Inline mode usage:

  • ogive-h: Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
  • ogive -n <name> -p <center_x> <center_y> <center_z> <radius_bottom> <height> <radius_top>: Creates a tangent-ogive named name whose base is centered at (center_x, center_y, center_z) and has a radius of radius_bottom, and the given height and radius_top at the peak. The tangent ogive is opened both at the base and peak.
  • ogive -c -n <name> -p <center_x> <center_y> <center_z> <radius_bottom> <height> <radius_top>: Creates a spherically blunted-tangent ogive named name whose base is centered at (center_xcenter_ycenter_z) and has a radius of radius_bottom, and the given height and radius_top at the peak. The tangent ogive is closed both at the base and peak.

Interactive mode usage: ogive [-c]

  • -c: Creates a spherically blunted-tangent ogive that is closed both at the base and peak.
  • no_param: Creates a tangent ogive that is open both at the base and peak.
  • [-rightTurned | no_param]: The following parameters are required:
    • Step 1: Base center, given by its x, y and z coordinates.
    • Step 2: Radius at the bottom.
    • Step 3: Height of the tangent ogive.
    • Step 4: Radius at the top of the tangent ogive.


  • A spherically blunted-tangent ogive is shown in next figure.


Spherically blunted-tangent ogive

  • A tangent ogive with the same parameters than the spherically blunted is shown in figure below. Note that the height of the generated ogive only agrees with the specified one when the top radius is set to 0 (tangent ogive), otherwise the ogive is shorter (spherically blunted-tangent ogive).

tangent ogive

Tangent ogive compared to the spherically blunted-tangent ogive

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