Command Line 6.3

3.67. planarSurface command

Description: This option allows the generation of planar surfaces from multiple coplanar lines.

Inline mode usage:

planarSurface -h: Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.

Interactive mode usage:

  • Invocation: planarSurface
  • Parameters:
    • Selected coplanar curves on the screen.


First of all, a circle and a rectangle will be created in order to generate a planar surface from them.

> circle

Center [x y z]: 0 0 0

Radius (double): 1

> rectangle

First corner of the rectangle [x y z]: 0.5 0.5 0

Size [width depth]: 1 1.5

Then, planar surface can be created.

> planarSurface

Select coplanar curves on the screen (press enter when done)


Resulting planar surface


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