Command Line 6.3

3.70. pointCloud command

Description: This command allows the user to create several points on the geometry.

Inline mode usage:

  • pointCloud -h: Prints command usage.
  • pointCloud–n <name> -p <x y z>: Adds any arbitrary points given by <x y z> in geometry.

Interactive mode usage:

  • Invocation: pointCloud
  • Parameters:
    • Points to draw. The points are specified by entering their coordinates in the command line or by selecting them on the geometry view. In both cases, the user will press Enter to confirm the selection. To finish entering points, press Enter without specifying an additional point.


> pointCloud

Select point on screen [x y z]: 1 1 0

Select point on screen [x y z]: 1 1 1

Select point on screen [x y z]: 2 2 3

Select point on screen [x y z]:


Resulting points


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