Command Line 6.3

3.89. scaleNonUniform command

Description: This command scales the three dimensions (X, Y, Z) of an object or objects by the three different scale factors for each dimension specified by the user.

Inline mode usage:

  • scaleNonUniform -h: Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
  • scaleNonUniform –all –p <scaleFactorX> <scaleFactorY> <scaleFactorZ>: Scales the dimensions of all objects with the corresponding scale factors.
  • scaleNonUniform <name> –p <scaleFactorX> <scaleFactorY> <scaleFactorZ>: Scales the dimensions of the selected object with the corresponding scale factors.
  • scaleNonUniform –nolocal -all –p <scaleFactorX> <scaleFactorY> <scaleFactorZ>: Scales the dimensions of all objects with the corresponding scale factor, ignoring the reference plane to apply it.
  • scaleNonUniform –nolocal <name> –p <scaleFactorX> <scaleFactorY> <scaleFactorZ>: Scales the dimensions of the selected object with the corresponding scale factors, ignoring the reference plane to apply it.

Interactive mode usage:

  • InvocationscaleNonUniform or scaleNonUniform -all
  • Parameters:
    • Objects to scale (when not using the all modifier). The objects can be selected by left-clicking on them in the geometry view (hold Ctrl for multiple selection) or by left-clicking on them in the tree view.
    • X, Y and Z Scale factors. Factors smaller than 1 decrease the size of the selected objects while factors greater than 1 magnify the objects.
    • By default, the selected objects will be scaled using the reference plane as reference. Optionally, the user can specify the -noLocal argument to ignore the reference plane when scaling.


We’re going to convert an ellipsoid into a sphere by scaling each coordinate with a scale factor. 

command> ellipsoid

Select center [x y z]: 0 0 0

X radius [double]: 5

Y radius [double]: 4

Z radius [double]: 2

command> scaleNonUniform

Select objects on screen (Press enter when done): 

Scale factor for 'X' [double]: 0.2

Scale factor for 'Y' [double]: 0.25

Scale factor for 'Z' [double]: 0.5




Ellipsoid converted into a sphere by using a non-uniform scale


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