Command Line 6.3

3.99. splitCurves command

Description: Split operation applied to curves.

Inline mode usage:

  • splitCurves -h: Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
  • splitCurves–s <curve1><curve2>: Splits between selected curves.
  • splitCurves–c <object1> –s <curve1>: Selected curves are split by the cutting objects.
  • splitCurves–p <parametric_value><curve1>: Selected curve is split on parametric space.

Interactive mode usage:

  • Invocation: splitCurves
  • Parameters:
    • Selected curves.
    • Cutting objects (with –c option).
    • Parametric value (with –p option).


Two curves are necessary for this example.


Select the curves to be split on screen (Press enter when done):


Resulting split curves


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