Command Line 6.3

3.120. threeDipoles command

Description: Add three dipoles to geometry.

Inline mode usage:

  • threeDipoles -h: Display a help message.
  • threeDipoles -n name -p x y z dipoleWidth centralDipoleHeight dipoleSeparation lateralDipoleHeight: Creates three dipoles.

Interactive mode usage:

The following steps will be needed in order to create new three dipoles:

  1. Central point [x y z]: Central point of the set of three dipoles.
  2. Dipole size [width height]: Size of the central dipole (width and height). The width will be the same for the lateral dipoles.
  3. Dipole separation [gap]: Separation between the central dipole and each of the lateral dipoles.
  4. Lateral dipoles height [height]: Height of the lateral dipoles.


threeDipoles example

threeDipoles example


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