GTD-PO 6.3

15.4. Example 4: Coupling

This case explains how to calculate the coupling between two antennas.

Step 1

Start newFASANT and select GTD-PO.

Method type selection.


Step 2

Define the geometry of an ellipsoid

Ellipsoid command.

Step 3

Click on Simulation -> Parameters to change the project parameters

Simulation parameters panel.


Step 4

Click on Source -> Parameters to modify the source parameters for this project

Source parameters panel.


Step 5

Click on Output -> Coupling to define the parameters of the passive source

Coupling parameters panel.


Step 6

Before running this example, create the project mesh by doing click on Meshing -> Create Mesh

Mesh result.


Step 7

Now we are going to proceed to simulate the project. 

Click on Calculate -> Execute and choose the number of processors to use for the simulation. Then click on the Execute button and wait until it ends.


Step 8

Now you can see the results of the simulation by doing click on Show Results -> Coupling -> Source Coupling.

Coupling results

Coupling results.




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