GUI 6.2.10

You are reading an old version of this user guide. The information contained here has been archived and is presented for reference reasons, but it may not be up to date.

1.4. StatusBar

StatusBar panel

Current Point: Shows the mouse point selected. If pick is enabled you can view this point on the geometry panel with blue color.

Units: This combo allows to change the model units. If the panel contains geometry you can scale it to keep the size.

Pick: This option enables you to select a geometry point with the mouse. Contains seven pick modes.

  • NO_PICK: The selected point is the transformation of the mouse position into 3d coordinates.
  • PICK_NEAR or PICK_NEAR_CLOSEST: The selected point is the nearest point of the geometry or reference plane. PICK_NEAR only gets the point if its near of the mouse.
  • PICK_POINT or PICK_POINT_CLOSEST: Returns the coordinates of the nearest point object. PICK_POINT only gets the point if its near of the mouse.
  • PICK_OBJECT_MID: If the object is an object3D selects the geometric center. If the object is a surface or a curve selects the mid point.
  • PICK_OBJECT_END: Returns the corners of the object that is closest to the mouse.

Selection: Contains the geometry selection options. This changes the mouse selection and rectangle selection.

  • SELECTION_ALL: All objects can be selected (points, curves, surfaces and objects).
  • SELECTION_POINT: Only points can be selected.
  • SELECTION_CURVE: Only curves can be selected.
  • SELECTION_SURFACE: Only surfaces can be selected.
  • SELECTION_OBJECT: Only objects can be selected.
  • DISABLE: Disable selection.


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