GUI 6.3

5.1. Importing and exporting

When selecting a geometry, the following menu appears:


File Menu

The supported formats to be imported and exported by newFASANT are:

  • NURBS file format (nur extension), used only in the newFASANT software.
  • IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, igs extension) file format, widely used format for exchange of information among CAD software. 
  • STEP file format.
  • DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) file format.
  • MSH (Mesh) file format.
  • STL (STereo Lithography) file format.
  • NAS (NASA STRuctureANalysis extension) file format.
  • Points file, in .txt format. List or points (every point in a different line) given by their X, Y, and Z in the same line.


5.1.1. Import (Ctrl+l)

The Import option allows the user to import an external geometry. After selecting this option, the window represented in the following Figure shows up asking for the file to import. Select the file and click on open.


 Open geometry dialog

5.1.2. Export (Ctrl+E)

The Export button lets the user export the geometry contained in the current project. Select the file and click on Save.

To export just the selected elements instead of the whole geometry, use the "export -s" command.


Export geometry dialog

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