GUI 6.3

7.1. User Guides

In this menu it is possible to see the available user guides, depending on the module under consideration.

User Guides menu. 

See an example below of the PO module.


PO User Guides menu


In this case there are five guides to select by clicking on the PDF icon.

The first file is the guide of the selected module and a detailed description of its operation and use can be seen.

The next one is the materials user guide, showing a detailed description of its operation and use of the materials with several examples.

The third one is the GUI User Guide, in which the common interface for all modules can be consulted.

The fourth guide contains a detailed description of all the commands available in the newFASANT environment. 

Finally, the post-processing user guide contains general information about the newFASANT post-processing utilities.

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