GUI 6.3

6.8. Remote

By default, newFASANT software has the local server meaning that the kernels used will be provided with the software installed and must have an active license for them.
With this option the user can define a new server where
newFASANT software must be installed and must have an active license for the installed kernels. This requires setting up a connection to the server indicating its network route (IP address) and the port which will connect. Once the connection is established the client sends data to the server, which will process it and return the results to the client.


Remote Parameters Tab

  • "New Server..." Button. Open a new window for create the connection with the new server, introducing parameters as "name", "IP address" and "port".


New Server Parameters

  • "Name": identificator for the new server to show on the server list in the main tab.
  • "Hostname": IP Address of the server.
  • "Port": listening connections port. This parameters has a value default selected.

Saving the parameters with "OK" button, the main tab will have selected the new server.

Remote Parameters Tab (2) 

  • "Check connection" Button. Allows the user check whether the server is active or is not working. If the server is active the next message will appear:


Server Active message 

If the server is not configured properly or has any problem the next message will appear: 

Server Not Active message

  • "Delete Server" Button. Allows the user to delete any server of the servers stored.
  • "Enable server fallback". This option check all the servers on the list looking for one active.
  • "Import" Button. This option load the configuration information about the servers from a selected file.
  • "Export" Button. This option save the configuration information about the servers on a selected file. Previously user must save all chages with "Save" Button.

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