IR 6.2.10

6.1. Parameters

The results of the simulation highly depend on the environment model. In order to introduce the environment parameters, a panel with various tabs will appear on the right-side of the window.


Atmosphere tab: This tab includes the main parameters to configure the atmosphere.

Atmosphere tab on Environment Parameters panel

The atmospherical parameters are:

    • Relative Humidity: User will define the percentage of humidity in the atmosphere.
    • Pressure: User will define the pressure in the atmosphere.
    • Height Correction: The height correction indicates the percentage of sun power that reaches the surface of Earth. 
    • Ambient temperature: User can specify the ambient temperature in Kelvin degrees.
    • Relative Cloudiness: User will define the percentage of cloudiness in the atmosphere.
    • Atmosphere Emissivity: In this section user will define the atmosphere emissivity.


Wind tab: The Wind tab allows the user to add wind effects in the results.

Wind tab on Environment Parameters panel

The wind parameters are:

    • Direction: User will define the direccion of the wind.
    • Speed: In this section, user will set the speed of the wind in meters per second.


Sun tab: The Sun tab allows the user to define sun location and power radiation.

Sun tab on Environment Parameters panel

The sun parameters are:

    • Location: Sun location can be defined in two ways.
    • First, the user can select the "Time Location" option and click on "Advanced Options" button, where initial date and hour, number of step or measures and time between measures will be defined. The Use solar time check box can be selected to indicate that 12 pm corresponds to noon.

Time Location Parameters 

    • Second, the user can select "Manual Location" and click on "Advanced Options" button in order to manually select the theta and phi coordinates for each sun position in order to obtain different results.

Manual Location Parameters

    • Power Radiation: In this section, user will set the power radiation of the sun.


Sea Tab: The Sea tab allows the user to add a sea surface.

 Sea tab on Environment Parameters panel

 The sea parameters are:

    • Temperature: User can specify the sea temperature in Kelvin degrees.
    • Level: User will define the level of the sea in meters.
    • State: With this combo box, user can select the state of the sea: calm, rippled, smooth, slight, moderate, rough, very rough, high, very high or phenomenal.
    • Dimension Scale Factor: User can define the dimension scale factor of the sea.


Coordinates Tab: The Coordinates tab allows the user to define the geometry model coordinates and trajectory.

Coordinates tab on Environment Parameters panel

 The Coordinates parameters are:

    • Geographical Location: In this section, user can define latitude, longitude and time zone.
    • Trajectory: User will define the direction and the speed of the trajectory.


Transmittance tab: The Transmittance tab allows the user to define transmittance values. This operation can be performed in two different ways. First, the user can use the automatic transmittance settings where the atmosphere model, surface type and minimum and maximum wavelength values will be defined.

Transmittance tab on Environment Parameters panel 

Second, the user can use manual transmittance settings clicking on the "Settings" button and defining wavelength values and corresponding transmittance values.

Manual Transmittance Parameters

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