IR 6.2.10

13.4. Radiance

Radiance result is the radiant flux emitted, reflected, transmitted or received by a surface, per unit solid angle per unit projected area. 

Radiance Results

The radiance dialog box is similar to thermal analysis but using different results. This dialog allows the user to modify results representations in the same manner:

  • Multime View: If more than one result has been generated, the user can select the file to be visualized. 
  • Animation: If more than one result has been generated, the user can display all the files during the indicated time. 
  • Subrange: The user can modify the range of values which are represented, including or excluding values by setting the range.

Radiance Results with Subrange activated


  • Visualization Scale: The user can select the color scale to represent the results: RGB scale, gray scale, red scale, green scale or blue scale.
  • Radiance Info: The user can display information about geometry surfaces selecting them while holding the Ctrl key. If more than one result file is open, the user can choose between two configurations to display the information. 
    Selecting the "One Time" option at the bottom of the thermal analysis box, the user displays information about the geometry surfaces in the currently represented file.

Radiance Information in "One Time" mode

Selecting the "Multi Time" option the user can display information about geometry surfaces for all the open files.


Radiance Information in "Multi Time" mode


  • Options check box: Options of the results representation appear or not in the screen.
  • Show Axis check box: Checking this option, axis representation appears on the representation scene.
  • Show geometry: Mesh lines appear over the geometry representation.

Radiance Results with mesh lines and without sea


  • Sea surface: Checking the sea surface appears on the representation scene.
  • Radiance IR Image: This button allows the user to capture represented results as an image file (.bmp). 
    The Radiance IR Image dialog box is used to configure the IR camera and image parameters:

IR Image Capture panel


    • Camera Coordinates: User can configure the zoom and coordinates of the IR camera.
    • Camera Resolution: User can configure the resolution and vision angle of the IR camera.
    • Image Resolution: User can configure the resolution, indicating the percentage of the camera resolution.


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