IR 6.2.10

8.1. Add

This option allows the user to define an uptake on the geometry model.

Add Uptake panel


  • Uptake power: Total power emitted by the ship's uptake.
  • Exhaust gasses: The application calculates the total power of the uptake from the following data:
    • Diameter and longitude: User will define the diameter and the longitude of the internal exhaust gases into the uptake.
    • Emissivity: User will assign the emissivity material of the uptake. The emissivity material will be defined in the same way as when assigning materials to the geometry model.
    • Temperature: Temperature of the exhaust gases.
  • Exhaust gases: Optionally, the user can define the exhaust gas. For this purpose the user defines the output temperature in Kelvin, the output flow, the output point and the output direction. In order to previsualize the effect of the exhaust gas defined, user can click on "Preview" button.



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