ISAR 6.2.10

12.1. Isar Image

This option shows the Isar image using a color map. It will be necessary to select the Etheta or Ephi components of the ISAR image.

Isar Image panel and window

 The following elements are available within this panel:

  •  Filtering Range: Use this section to skip results that are outside the desired range.
    • Enable Filtering: The filter only is applied when this check box is selected
    • Max: to specify the maximum value of the range.
    • Min: to specify the minimum value of the range.
    • Filter: click on this button to update the results filtering.
  • Component: The results may be plotted by using different components.
    • If the user has selected PO Solver, then the user can choose between VV, VH, HV or HH.
    • If the user has selected MoM Solver, then the user can choose between Etheta or Ephi.
  • Cut Selection: 
    • Step: to select the geometric step in a parametric simulation. If the geometry does not contain any parameter, only one Step is available.
    • Point: to select the sample of the angular sweep that the user wants to plot.
    • Type: the user can choose between (V/m)/m, RCS/m or normalized plot.

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