ISAR 6.2.10

15.2. Example 2

This section explains how to obtain the ISAR image of a rectangle-shaped geometry.


Step 1. The first step consists of creating a new data file where all the parameters of the simulation will be saved. Use the command ‘New’ from the File menu. Select ISAR  type.


 Selection Method dialog box


Step 2. Generate the geometry by selecting Geometry->Surface->Plane. The dimensions of the rectangle are 1 x 1 m.


 Create a plane


Step 3. The next step is to configure the parameters of the simulation, which are located in the Parameters menu. In the ISAR menu introduce the following parameters:


 Isar Image panel


Step 4. Select Monostatic RCS for this example. The wave is theta polarized: Etheta = (1.0,0.0).


 RCS panel


Step 5. In the Solver Menu select the Method of Moments option.


 Solver panel


Step 6. Set the observation direction. Use the Observation Directions option from the Output menu.


 Output panel


Step 7. Mesh the geometry by selecting Meshing->Create Mesh.


 Meshing panel


Meshed geometry


Step 8. Click on Calculate->Execute.


Step 9. Select Show Results->ISAR image.



 Isar Image



Step 10. Select Show Results->View Currents.


 Current density



Step 11. Select Show Results->View Charge.


 Charge density



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