ISAR 6.2.10

15.3. Example 3

This section explains how to obtain the scatter map of a sphere applying PO.

Step 1. Create a new project following STEP 1 in the Example1 above.


Step 2.Generate the geometry by selecting Geometry->Solid->Sphere:




 Create a sphere


Step 3. The next step is to configure the parameters of the simulation, which are located in the Simulation menu. In the Scatter Map menu introduce the following parameters:



 Scatter map panel


Step 4. Select Bistatic RCS for this example. The wave is theta polarized: Etheta = (1.0,0.0).


 RCS panel



Step 5. In the Solver menu select the Physical Optics option.


 Solver panel


Step 6. Configure the observation directions. Use the Observation Directions option from the Output menu.


 Output panel


Step 7. Mesh the geometry by selecting Meshing->Create Mesh.


 Meshing panel


Meshed geometry


Step 8. Click on Calculate-> Execute.


Step 9. Click on Show Results->Scatter Map.



Scatter map 



Step 10. Click on Show Results->Text File Results, to show the Scatter Map data file. Select the step to consider and press the OK button to continue.


 View Text Files options


Text file result



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