Materials 6.2.10

You are reading an old version of this user guide. The information contained here has been archived and is presented for reference reasons, but it may not be up to date.

6.4. Assign

The geometric properties assigned to materials can be edited by clicking on Materials - Assign. After selecting this option, the surfaces/objects assigned to specific materials must be selected, and confirm the selection with the "Assign" button as shown in next Figure.


Assign Material Panel


The following material assignment options can be applied to surfaces:

  • Number of Layers: to specify the number of layers to be considered in this object.
  • Selected Layer: to select the layer that is being edited.
  • Material: For each layer, the user can assign materials by selecting from the combo box.
  • Width: to assign a thickness to each layer.
  •  Save: To confirm the changes.   


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