Materials 6.2.10

4.2. Edit

This option allows the user to modify an already existing material. When the user selects the "Edit" option on the "Materials" menu, the following tab will open:

Edit material tab

Edit Material tab

The user needs to select the material they want to modify in the dropdown menu and then click on the "Set Parameters" menu to update the material parameters. When the button is clicked, and depending on the type of the selected material (defined by geometry or by reflection coefficient), a different window will open. These windows are the same as the ones shown when creating a new material, so for additional information about the options of these windows, consult the "Add" section of the current chapter.

It is also possible to edit the color associated with a material by double-clicking the small rectangle filled with the material color. For additional help on selecting a color for a material, check "Appendix A: Color Selection".

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