Materials 6.2.11


When Add is selected, the Add Material window appears, as shown in the next Figure.


Add Material panel


Select the required parameters and click on Save. When clicking on "Save" to save the material, if it exists, then a message is displayed informing the user that the material has already been defined. If not, then the material definitions are saved.

In the Add Material window, the following options are available:

  • Material Attributes – Name. The user specifies the desired name for the new material.
  • Material Attributes – Color. For more information, see  APPENDIX A: Color Selection.
  • Material Attributes – Reflectivity. The user specifies the reflectivity of the material.
  • Material Attributes – Thermal Conductivity. The user specifies the thermal conductivity of the material.
  • Material Attributes – Emissivity. The user specifies the emissivity of the material.
  • Material Attributes – Density. The user specifies the density of the material, in kilogram per cubic meter.
  • Material Attributes – Specific Heat. The user specifies the heat of the material.


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