Materials 6.2.9

You are reading an old version of this user guide. The information contained here has been archived and is presented for reference reasons, but it may not be up to date.

1.1. Add

After selecting the Add option, the following panel will be shown on the right side of the window:

Add Material panel


This option allows the user to create a new material. The following options are available:

·         Material Attributes – Name: The user may want to provide a name for this material for future reference.


·         Material Attributes – Color: for more information, see APPENDIX A: Color Selection


·         Material Attributes – Set Parameters: Allows the user to specify the physical properties of the material. There are three available options:


o   Constant: Selecting this option sets the epsilon (e’ - permittivity) and mu (µ’ - permeability) properties immutable. The user will need to specify both real and imaginary components of both properties. Common real values for epsilon and mu are greater of equal to 1.0. If the imaginary part is negative, the material is considered to have losses; otherwise, it is considered to be a material with gain.


o   Anisotropic: This option allows the user to set the material properties depending on the volumetric subdomain direction (i.e. the dielectric coefficient may change depending on the direction of the subdomains). The epsilon parameter consists of a 3x3 matrix where all Cartesian combinations can be modified. The materials using this option are only designed to be applied to volumes.


Parameters panel


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