10.2. Visualize Existing Mesh

This option can be chosen by the user to load and render a mesh file. Mesh files are generated by the mesher provided with newFASANT and usually end by .msh.

Select Visualize Existing Mesh item from the menu in order to render a mesh file. It will ask for a .msh file:

Open a Visualize Existing Mesh 

Once a valid mesh file is selected, press OK to load it and render it using the viewer:

Mesh viewer

Mesh Viewer

The following two options appear as checkboxes that can be enabled in the bottom left area of the panel:

  • Render: if this option is disabled, the mesh will appear as a wireframe. Enable this checkbox to actually render a solid yellow mesh.
  • All Points: selecting this option will increase the number of points displayed for the mesh.

It is possible to export the mesh pressing the Export button and selecting a folder where the mesh should be saved.

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