Periodical Structures 6.3

7.1. Simulation Parameters

The parameters are defined by the user on the rightside of the window. It is possible to select a single frequency or a frequency sweep. The user can define the initial frequency, final frequency and the number of samples for the simulation.

Figure: Simulation Parameters panel


  • Frequency: The user may select a single frequency or a frequency sweep to run.
  • Planewave Definition: Define the plane wave.
    • Incident angles:  The angle of incidence is the angle between the planewave and the line perpendicular to the cell (Z-Axis) in spherical coordinates.
    • Symmetric: Only Etheta (1.0, 0.0) polarization is analyzed and the results are copied to Ephi polarization. It is recommended for symmetrical cells, because only a simulation is performed.
    • Asymmetric: Two simulations are run, the first one polarized with Etheta (1.0, 0.0) and the second one with polarization Ephi (1.0, 0.0). It is valid for non-symmetrical cells.
    • Custom: The user can define a custom polarization.


After setting up the simulation parameters it is necessary to press the Save button to save the configuration changes.

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