Periodical Structures 6.3

14.2. Example 2: Analysis of a cell with Spiral geometry and Skew Angle

STEP 1. Start newFASANT.

STEP 2. Select File and click on New.

STEP 3. Select Periodical Structures.


STEP 4. Select Centimeters units.


STEP 5. Click on "Cell → FSS Primitive → Strips → Spiral", which requires the center, width, number of turns and the radius.

In this example the user enters the following values:

  • Center position: 0 0 0
  • Width: 0.05
  • Number of turns: 2
  • Radius: 0.9



STEP 6. Click on "Geometry → Point → Single point", which requires the x,y and z coordinates as shown in the next figure.

In this example the user enters the following values into the command line:

  • Select point on screen [x y z]: 0 0 -1



STEP 7. Click on Cell → Define cell.

  • Assign the material of the layer. The selected material is DiClad870_0020

Change the cell dimensions to ensure that the cell contains the whole metallic structure.

  • Tx: 2
  • Ty: 1.75

The final dessign of the cell is shown in the next figure.


STEP 8. Click on "Simulation → Parameters". Configure the simulation with this parameters:

  • Units: GHz
  • Initial frequency: 10
  • Final frequency: 11
  • Samples: 5
  • Planewave Definition: Asymmetric. Note that the considered FSS cell is not symmetric, so the assymmetric option is selected to ensure that the two polarization are correctly simulated.
  • Theta incidence: 0.0
  • Phi incidence: 0.0




STEP 9. Before running the case, select "Meshing → Create Mesh".


Configure the meshing with this parameters:

  • Planar surfaces: 40
  • Curved surfaces: 40
  • Mesh mode: Frequency, 11.0 GHz
  • Processors: 2

Click on "Meshing → Visualize Existing Mesh" to visualize all the generated meshes.

mesh fss


mesh reference


STEP 10. Select "Calculate → Execute" and select the number of processors available. 

STEP 11. When the simulation finishes we can visualizethe simulation results. Click on "Show Results → View Cuts By Frequency".


STEP 12. To view text file results, click on "Show Results → View Text Files".

results as text files


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