PO 6.3

14.4. Example 4: Monostatic RCS of a ship

This case explains how to calculate the monostatic RCS of an imported geometry.

Step 1. Start newFASANT and click on File --> New

Step 2. Select PO

Step 3. Select the geometry to import

Step 4. Click on Simulation --> Parameters to change the project parameters

Step 5. Click on RCS --> Parameters to set de RCS parameters of the project

Step 6. Click on Output --> Parameters to modify the source parameters for this project

Step 7. Before running this example, create the project mesh by doing click on Meshing --> Create Mesh

Step 8. Visualize the created mesh. To do this click on Meshing --> Visualize mesh. Now you will be able to choose the generated mesh file.

Step 9. Now we are going to simulate the project. Click on Calculate --> Execute and choose the number of processors to use for the simulation. Then click on the Execute button and wait until it ends.

Step 10. Now you can see the results of the simulation by doing click on Show Results and selecting the desired results.


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